DESCRIPTION - SOEEE team developed a project name ‘COMPACT QUIET POWER’ which is basically a generator set that can be operated with mobile application. It is a 3KVA silent compact generator set, 1-phase which gives 12 ampere output. In this project we have used GSM module (RS 284) and we are using Vodafone service to operate generator set in mobile phone.

In this project we have used a four stroke, single cylinder scooty engine with power of 7HP and 2 poles, 3KVA, 1 –phase, alternator and coupled them together to produce 12 A outputs and also a control panel linked with GSM module for automatic operation. It has a weight of approx 68 kg.


  • Automatic start or stop i.e. whenever mains is cut GENSET starts and  when main is available again it stops by sensing automatically
  • Remote start or stop
  • Timely start or stop
  • Manually start or stop
  • Whenever a fault is encountered the system automatically stops
  • Emergency stop function is available
  • All the information such as location of generator set, petrol capacity, frequency, voltage, availability of mains can be easily accessible in phone application.
  • It can easily be programmed according to customer’s need
  • Portable and can be easily moved


Submitted By-                                                                          

 Ina Raman(14EE001)

Ashish Gupta (14EE002)

Ayush Vashishth (14EE003)

Amit Gupta (14EE006L)

Tanushree Bardhan(13IEE007)

Amit Vashishth(13IEE005)

Suryansh Dabral(14EC010)