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We are filling the gap between academics and real time work environment in Pharmaceutical/Health Sector by running courses/classes as per the Pharmacy Council of India curriculum complemented with comprehensive Continuing Pharmacy Education programs (CPE) under the umbrella of Institute Industry Academia (IIA) interaction cell, for students as well as faculty, to ensure that our students should be industry ready and socially responsible professionals, imbibed with the spirit of lifelong learning.

We have-

  • Centre of Excellence (COE) - In this, collaboration with industry, hospitals, professional bodies etc. to know their requirement, gap between industry & academics, and try to train the students as per their needs.

  • Institute-Industry Academia Interaction (IIA) - under this umbrella University curriculum complimented with guest lectures/symposium/conferences, invited renowned experts from all stakeholders of health sector.

  • Training, Placement & Personality Development Cell - Collaboration with industry, hospitals, community pharmacy etc. for summer/winter training, new training modules, in first and second year B.Pharm. students also went for training at Pharmacy shops/Hospitals other than industrial internship. D.Pharm. students also goes Industrial training. Industrial visits & education tour every year. Personality Development classes for job/higher education.

  • Research & Publication simulation Cell - for graduate students small research type projects & their publication.

  • Collaboration with Health Deptt. State Govt., IMA, Indian Red Cross Society, NSS for various extra-curricular/cultural/sports activities.

  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) for students & faculty.

  • Financial support to students & faculty for presentation of papers in the conference. Scholarship available for merit holder students in tuition fee & hostel fee. Earn while learn scheme is available for meritious students (lectures to be given by the Ph.D./PG student to their lower classes on some specific day & honorarium will be paid).

Best Pharmacy College in Faridabad, Delhi NCR

B Pharma is a well sought after career stream for a lot of science students. Being among the top pharmacy colleges in Faridabad as well as in Delhi NCR, Lingaya's University presents the B Pharma - Bachelor of Pharmacy course to those aspirants who desire to have a career in a hospital, clinical or community pharmacy. This course opens doors to gainful career paths and prospects in various industries including Pharmaceutical, Food, FMCG, IT, Healthcare, Academia, Government Sector and much more. The program offered in our B Pharma college provides a well-balanced exposure to the students and prepares them on par with global standards.

Enrolled students in this B Pharma college in Delhi NCR are bestowed with advanced lessons in various aspects and experiences course curriculum that includes both theoretical and laboratory sessions of study. The curriculum is designed aiming at the students who want to strengthen and hone their adroitness in the field of Pharmacy. We keep the main emphasis on the study of biology, pharmaceutical chemistry (inorganic, physical and organic), biochemistry, medicines, pharmacology, physiology, and dispensing, etc, which will help in turning them into skill full pharmacy professionals.

Also, the career opportunities after studying in our pharmacy college in Delhi NCR are wide open both in terms of job profiles and job sectors. We equip an individual with the required skills and relevant knowledge pertaining to health care, including clinical services, reviewing medications for safety and efficacy, and providing drug information, etc. Lingayas University is capable of providing students with an extra edge over the competition.

School of Pharmacy at Lingaya's University was established in 2015, offering PCI approved D.Pham and B.Pharm courses. D.Pharm is a two years Diploma course running as per PCI recommended course curriculum. B.Pharmacy is a 4 years Degree programme. Our B.Pharmacy course curriculum is very unique in a way that it is based on Model curriculum of AICTE with modifications to make it industry aligned and market centric. School of Pharmacy has qualified and experienced faculty with national and international work experiences, well equipped laboratories, library with latest text books and pharmaceutical journals, personality development programme (PDP),industrial visits, sports & extra - curricular activities and summer intershipprogramme, excellent hostel and transport facilities are available.

School of pharmacy is one amongst the many successful centers of higher learning at Lingaya's University, Faridabad, which has a reputation for pioneering in pursuit of academic excellence. The courses at School of Pharmacy are approved by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), New Delhi. We provide our students a rich learning experience, good research environs, valuable guidance by renowned faculty. The University gives a strong foundation for a satisfying and rewarding career in the pharmacy.

  • The School has Air conditioned; state-of-the-art Classrooms, LCD Projectors and AV systems equipped Seminar Halls, Boys Common Room, Girls Common Room, Departmental Library, Faculty Rooms and Laboratories with sophisticated equipments.
  • The School has a vast and rich collection of books and reference materials in the Departmental and Central Library.
  • The School has Internet and Computing facilities for students and faculty with dedicated computer terminals, printers, scanners.
  • Special emphasis is being given on Guest lectures from academia and industry of repute.
  • The School has 13 labs for Hands on Training: Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab, Pharmaceutics-1 Lab, Pharmaceutics-2 Lab, Pharmacognosy Lab, Anatomy Physiology and Health Education Lab, Machine Room among others.
  • HOD's Desk

    Dr Saini

    Pharmacists represent the 3rd largest healthcare professional group in the world and increasing number of pharmaceutical industry, community pharmacies (retail pharmacy shop), hospitals, pharmacy education institutes, new drug research centres all over India, are clear indication of the growing demand of pharmacy professionals, thus offering excellent & rewarding career opportunities both by way of jobs as well as in terms of starting own business.

    The School of Pharmacy (SOP) is the endeavour of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences to prepare students to become pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who will be leaders in pharmacy profession.

    We are filling the gap between academics and real time work environment in Pharmaceutical/Health Sector by running courses/classes as per the Pharmacy Council of India curriculum complemented with comprehensive Continuing Pharmacy Education programs (CPE) under the umbrella of Institute Industry Academia (IIA) interaction cell, for students as well as faculty, to ensure that our students should be industry ready and socially responsible professionals, imbibed with the spirit of lifelong learning.

  • Our alumni are bringing laurels day after day in various works of life.
  • We feel proud in transferring academic excellence to the carrier wisdom.
  • We welcome all the students and extend our warm wishes to one and all associated with Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth.
  • Prof. (Dr.) Prem Saini
    Dean/Head-School of Pharmacy, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth

    HOD's Profile

    Recipient of Pharmacy Professional Excellence Award from Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttarakhand State Sh. Harish Rawatji.
    Profile- Dean/Head-School of Pharmacy, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth
    Dr. Prem Saini
  • M. Pharm. (Pharmacology), Ph.D. (Pharmacology), LL.M., M.B.A. Ph.D. in Pharmacology, on newly isolated compounds, under the well-known scientists of International repute: Emeritus Professor (Dr.) C.T. Chopde (Pharmacologist) & Emeritus Professor (Dr.) Ashok Saoji (Pharmacognosist), Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagpur University.
  • Former:
  • Dean/Director, Uttaranchal Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS), Uttaranchal University.
  • Director, Dev Bhoomi Institute of Pharmacy & Research, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
  • Principal, B.S.Anangpuria Institute of Pharmacy, Faridabad, Haryana.
  • Faculty, Deptt. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagpur University.
  • 24 years of experience in Pharmacy profession.

    25 publications in National and International Journals.

    Worked with Ms. Pinky Anand (Sr. Advocate & Additional Solicitor General of India) & Dr. Vandana Shiva (International known Scientist & Founder, Research Foundation of Science, Technology & Ecology, RFSTE & Navdanya), on several patent, environment & food safety matters in Supreme Court.


    To be a School committed to develop globally competent professionals in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology who are responsible citizens and have respect for life and sensitivity towards environment.


  • To develop professionals and leaders in the field ofpharmacy and allied field who have right attitude and aptitude to serve the society;
  • To develop and maintain state - of - the - art infrastructure and research facilities to enable create, apply and disseminate knowledge towards cost effective use of medications.
  • To develop linkages with all stakeholders for continuous improvement in academics in pharmaceutical technology and allied fields of pharmacy.
  • To develop human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge who have deep respect for human life and values and dedicated to safeguard the health of human being.
  • To undertake collaborative research projects which offer opportunities for long term interaction with academia and industry to improve safety and efficiency of use of medication transforming research into health care system.
  • Faculty Profile

    Sr. No. Name Designation Short Profile
    1 Prof. (Dr.) Prem Saini Head He did his B.Pharm., M.Pharm. & Ph.D. (Pharmacology) from Deptt. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagpur University. Having 25 years of experience.
    2 Dr. Varisha Anjum Incharge-Deptt. of Pharmacognosy She did her B.Pharm., M.Pharm. & Ph.D. (Pharmacognosy) from School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi.
    3 Dr. Farah Iram Incharge-Deptt. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry She did her B.Pharm. (RGPV, Bhopal), M.Pharm. & Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) from School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi.
    4 Dr. Tausif Alam Incharge-Deptt. of Pharmaceutics He did his B.Pharm., M.Pharm. & Ph.D. (Pharmaceutics) from School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi.
    5 Mr. Anil Chaudhary Incharge-Deptt. of Pharmacology He did his B.Pharm. (Amravati University, Maharashtra), M.Pharm. (Dr. M. G. R. Medical University, Chennai ) & Ph.D. (Pursing in Pharmacology).

    Laboratory Information

    Pharmacognosy Lab TLC separator( 1)Percolator(10)Saturation chamber(1)Vacuum pump(1)Microscope(5)Projection microscope(1)Magnetic stirrer(1)Soxhletapparatus(1)Camera lucida(15)Charts(11)Heating mantle(12)Occular micrometer(20)Muffle furnace(1)Stage micrometer(20) K 411, CS-2410 100
    Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab Magnetic Stirrer(2) Digital Melting point apparatus(1) Vacuum pump(2) Heating Mantle(1) Laboratory stirrer(3) Water bath(2) Hot air oven(1) Heating plate(1) Digital colorimeter(1) Polarimeter(1) Abbe's Refractometer(1) Physical Balance(1) Digital weighing balance(1) Potentiometer(1) Digital pH meter(5) Digital conductivity meter(1) Dessicator (5) K410, CS409, CS2206A 29
    Pharmacology Lab Actophotometer(1) Aerator(20) Dissecting box(5) Dissecting board with iron plates(20) Dissecting tray with wax(20) Animal cage(20) Student organ bath(1) Sherrington's rotating drum(1) Frontal writing lever(20) Aeration tube(20) Telethermometer(1) Pole climbing apparatus(1) Histamine chamber(1) Simple lever(20) Sterling heart lever(20) Analgesiometer(1) Double unit organ bath with thermostat(1) Electro convulsiometer(1) Clamp boss heads screw clips(20) Ex Pharma Pro(1) Shyme's cannula(20) Microscope (5) Stop watch (5) Haemocytometer (10) Haemometer (Sahl's) (15) Stethescope (5) B.P. Apparatus (5) Capillary tube (1) Surgical dressing(10) Monocular micrometer(1) Lab centrifuge(1) Charts(10) First aid box (2) Balance for weighing animal (1) K401, CS2311A,CS2310B 286
    Pharmaceutics Lab Laboratory stirrer(1) Water bath(3) Magnetic stirrer(2) Analytical balance(1) Deioniser machine(1) Hot air oven(1) Glass distillation unit(1) Hot air oven(1) Pestle mortar(30) Mechanical stirrer(1) Electronic balance(1) Thermometer(5) Membrane filter(3) Weight box(5) Suppository moulds(22) Ampoule washing machine(1) Washing machine(1) Ampoule clarity test(1) Sieve (10) K402, CS2208B,CS2207B 93
    Microbiology Lab Autoclave(1) Incubator(1) Asceptic cabinet(1) Laminar air flow bench(1) Students microscope with movable condenser(10) CS2312 14
    Machine room Tablet Distintegrator apparatus(1) Friability test apparatus(1) Bulk density apparatus(1) Ball mill(1) Tablet dissolution test apparatus(1) Disintegrator(1) Collapsible tube filling machine(1) Hot air oven(1) Moisture balance(1) Tablet hardness tester(1) Hand grinding mill(1) Polishing pan(1) Tablet counter small size(5) Blender(1) Filling machine(1) Sealing machine(1) Clarity test Apparatus(2) Tray dryer(1) Digital Balance (3) K409,CSGF-01 26

    HSCST Sponsored National Seminar cum Workshop on IPR Awareness at
    School of Pharmacy, Lingaya's Vidyapeeth, Faridabad

    School of Pharmacy, Lingaya's University, Faridabad organizedIPR Awareness Program-National Seminar Cum Workshop sponsored by Haryana State Council for Science &Technology, DST, Govt. of Haryanaon 16th February, 2018 (Friday). Event was organized under the able guidance of Patrons Dr. PicheswarGadde, Chancellor, Lingaya’s University, Prof.(Dr.) R.K. Chauhan, Vice Chancellor, Lingaya’s University.Prof. (Dr.) Saurabh Dahiya,Head, School of Pharmacy, Lingaya’s University was the Organizing Chairman of the program and Prof. (Dr.) AshutoshKarserved as the Scientific Advisor for the program. Dr. Rajiv Dahiya, President APP acted as International Advisor in absentia. Guest of Honour for the event were Dr. Rahul Taneja, Scientist at DST, Panchkula, Govt. of Haryana; Ms. Avipsha Thakur, Asstt. Vice President, CIPAM, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion,  Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India; Dr. Yashawant Dev, Head of Patent Facilitating Centre at TIFAC (Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India). The events began with ribbon cutting and Saraswati Puja ceremony by the esteemed resource persons. Prof. (Dr.) Saurabh Dahiya welcomed the guests and delegates to the event and also gave brief yet worthy introduction of the resource persons and the program to the participants. Dr. PicheswarGadde and Prof.(Dr.) R.K. Chauhan welcomed and felicitated the Resource Persons with floral bouquets and token of Honor. Prof. (Dr.) Saurabh Dahiya welcomed and felicitated Sh. Tarsem Jain Editor, Pharma Pramarsh,media partner for the event. The Resource Persons deliberated at length on the theme of the workshop and made value addition to the knowledge and skills of the participants. They made the participants aware about the governmental facilities and schemes available for better IPR management. Dr. Rahul Taneja spoke on Patents including PCT Application (Drafting Filing and other prosecution), Trademarks including Convention Application (search report analysis, documents inspection, filing, caution notice, implementation of IPR Enforcement rules at Custom for seizure of counterfeit goods), Designs (filing, reply of examination report) and Copyrights. Ms. Avipsha Thakur engaged the audience on the implementation of the National IPR Policy. She also explained about entrepreneurship and shared her expertise in managing start-ups and large corporations, product marketing, sales, project management, operations, and strategic partnerships in connection with IPR management.  Dr. Yashwant Dev educated the participants about filing and prosecuting patents in India and other countries and also the process relevance to academic institutions and Government R&D institutions.Sh. Tarsem Jain spoke on the importance of utilizing traditional knowledge for better health effects and also appreciated the Indian system of medicine in getting more and more intellectual property for the country.The event witnessed participation from far and wide, with a strong participation of about three hundred.Many participants shared their research and reviews on IPRs through poster presentations. After thoughtful technical sessions, the event ended with vote of thanks by Prof. (Dr.) Saurabh Dahiyathanking all and the almighty for the successful completion of the program.

    Participation in Health Heart Care foundation of India- MTNL Perfect Health Mela 2017

    Students and Faculty members from School of Pharmacy, Lingaya’s University participated in MTNL Perfect Health Mela 2017 conceptualized and organized by Heart Care foundation of India at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi from 4th -8th Oct, 2017. PHM is one of the most visited community health event, which covers all aspects of health. The Pharmacy students and faculties participated in various activities like Painting, Nukkad Natak, Mehndi, Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Kavita Path and Western Dance. In painting competition, B. Pharmacy 3rd Semester students made a painting on the theme of “Save Girl Child” and the painting was selected in “Top 5”. All the participants got the appreciation certificates. Students learnt things like how to interact with students and teachers from diverse health institutions.  They learnt how the nursing students were utilizing the PHM venue as their community posting and how to revive a person from sudden cardiac death through hands only i.e. hands on CPR10 using Mannequins. This was really a great mix of tradition and modern exhibits, creating awareness, updating knowledge base about all aspects of health for budding Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.


    Association of Pharmacy Professionals (APP) International Ethiopia Branch and Haryana State Branch organized Indo-African Symposium on "Biotechnological Production of Phytopharmaceuticals" on 7th September, 2016 at Department of Pharmacy, Lingaya's University, Faridabad, Haryana, India. Event was organized under the able guidance of Patrons Prof. J.P. Gupta, Chancellor, Lingaya's University, Prof. R.K. Chauhan, Vice Chancellor, Lingaya's University and Prof. G.V. RamarajuPro Vice Chancellor, Lingaya's University. Dr. Ajay Sharma from MizanTepi University, Ethiopia was the 'Guest of Honour'. Prof. Saurabh Dahiya, Vice President, APP Haryana State Branch and Head of Department at Department of Pharmacy, Lingaya's University, served as 'Convener'; Prof. AshutoshKar, Professor Emeritus at Lingaya's University served as Organizing Secretary; Dr. Sachin Dubey as Scientific Committee chairman in absentia; Further, Dr. Rajiv Dahiya, President APP and Director, School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medical Sciences, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago acted as 'Organizing Chairman' in absentia. Scientific sessions were initiated with keynote lecture of Dr. Ajay Sharma from MizanTepi University, Ethiopia, who addressed the gathering on 'Biotechnological Production of Phytopharmaceuticals'. Dr. Ajay Sharma discussed that plant secondary metabolites are important sources of many phytochemicals. In recent years, the demand for these products has increased dramatically but the supply of the source plants is often limited because of disease, changes in climate, changes in the economic development, problems in the growing regions or the amount of secondary metabolites in naturally grown plants are very low. Thus plant tissue culture has long attracted the attention of scientists and offers an alternative source for production of these products under controlled conditions.Consequently, many studies have been undertaken to unravel biosynthetic pathways and understand their regulation or, more simply, to find practical approaches to increasing yield. These include selection of high yielding cell lines, optimization of culture conditions, precursor feeding and elicitation.

    Another interesting session by Dr. Ajay Sharma was on "Standardization of herbal drugs and biotechnological approaches". He discussed that in the past few decades there has been an exponential growth in the field of herbal medicine due to its safety, efficacy, less side effects and wide consumer acceptability. Commercialization of the manufacture of herbal medicines to meet this increasing demand has resulted in decline in their quality, primarily due to a lack of adequate regulations concerning to this sector of medicine. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop a systematic approach and well-designed methodologies for the standardization of herbal drugs and herbal formulations. According to World Health Organization (WHO) standardization is the process involving the physicochemical evaluation of crude drug covering numerous parameters like macroscopic and microscopic examination, determination of foreign matter, loss on drying (LOD), moisture content, total ash, acid insoluble ash, water soluble ash, determination of pH, successive hot extractive values, water soluble extractives, alcohol soluble extractives, ether soluble extractives, preliminary phytochemical screening, TLC/HPTLC profile of different extracts, assay for constituents (Flavonoids, Phenolicsetc), test for heavy / toxic metals (Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic and Mercury), analysis for aflatoxins and pesticide residue in all drugs, total microbial load, safety, efficacy and stability assessment of finished product, documentation of safety and risk based on experience, provision of product information to consumer and product promotion. Recently, the use of molecular markers and biotechnological approaches came as an effective approach used in the standardization of herbal drugs. Therefore, the standardization of the herbal drugs is essential for assuring the quality, safety and efficacy therapeutic effectiveness of the herbal drugs and to check any adulteration or non-deliberate mixing in commercial batches.

    Dr. Ajay Sharma was conferred with 'APP Young Achiever's Award 2016' for his vital academic and scientific contribution in the pharmacy profession by Prof. Saurabh Dahiya, Vice President APP Haryana State and Professor and Head , Department of Pharmacy, Lingaya's University and Prof. AshutoshKar, Professor Emeritus Lingaya's University. Scientific sessions ended with lecture of Prof. Saurabh Dahiya on the topic 'Careers in Pharmacy'. The attendance in symposium was about 200. Event was witnessed by all the faculty members of Department of Pharmacy, Lingaya's University. Pharmacy students of Lingaya's University presented very good cultural show also.

    Industrial Visit

    Industrial visit was carried out at Mother Dairy Plant, New Delhi on 08th April, 2016 for B.Pharm 2nd Semester and D.Pharm 1st Year students along-with all the faculty members of School of Pharmacy, Lingaya's University. The main objective behind the visit was to make students aware about various Industrial activities like Collection, Filtration, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Pasteurization, Packaging, Cold Supply Chain, Transportation, Marketing, Financing and Human Resource Management. This gave them a feel that how Industrial setups work in very efficient and managed way. The company is located in Patparganj in New Delhi. As soon as we reached company we were guided by an expert on plant operationsgiving us an initial orientation session about the company. It was great to know how an Indian Company operates at par with international standards. Thereafter, the students visited the actual production floor followed by other departments like Quality Control where they demonstrated the various chemical and physical tests which can be performed on milk to assess its purity. At the ending of the tour the students enjoyed ice cream and flavored milk offered by the Mother Dairy plant.

    World Pharmacist Day 2015

    World Pharmacist Day 2015 was celebrated at Lingaya's University, Faridabad on 24th September, 2015. The purpose of World Pharmacists Day is to encourage activities that promote and advocate for the role of the pharmacist in improving health in every corner of the world. This year's theme, developed by FIP, was "Pharmacist(s): your partner(s) in health". Medicines must go hand in hand with pharmaceutical expertise, or in other words, with pharmacists. The programme at LU was devised and conducted by students of Bachelor of Pharmacy and Diploma in Pharmacy. The chief guest on this occasion was Prof. Kanchan Kohli from JamiaHamdard. She gave a very informative session on the career aspects in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Chancellor Prof. J.P. Gupta and Vice Chancellor Prof. R.K. Chauhan blessed the students with their kind presence during the event. Mrs. Archana Mudgal, Registrar, Pharmacy Council of India also conveyed her best wishes for the event through a letter to the department. Faculty, staff and students from other departments of the university also attended the event. Students took Pharmacist oath and promised to themselves in the name of God that they would always work in the best interest of the patients. Budding pharmacists presented cultural show encompassing songs, poems, instrumental performances etc. The event was kindly sponsored by Lingaya's University management.

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